Preparing for Heroic STR

The Heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid (H-STR) requires the whole guild working together. It requires getting the most out of specific teams by using them in the right ways in the right phases.  This area is meant to help you do just that by sharing helpful H-STR on:

  • Teams & Phases Overview: The teams to use and where to use them
  • Calculate Damage: There is a trick for calculating dmg and exiting if a bad run 
  • Phase 1 with Jedi Training
  • Phase 2 with Revan/Bastile 
  • Phase 3 with Finn/C3P0
  • Phase 3 with Nightsisters
  • Phase 4 Nihilus Solo with Finn/C3P


Teams & Phases Overview


Who to Use, When

The guide to the right represents the hard work of The HSTR Project. This group can be found on Discord (link) and CadenSkywalker has kindly created a Google shared folder with this guide and other H-STR resources (Link). It shows what teams to use in which phases. Some teams require playing in a specific way to be effective too.  Remember we only get 24 hours and your characters do not refresh! (first few time will likely be tight).

Teams to focus on if you want to help the guild include:

  • Jedi Training Rey (JTR) team for phase  P1. Be sure to shield before assassinate.
  • Revan/Bastila and jedi: They tear things up in P2. Reven lead best, Bastila works though
  • Mother Talzin (zLead) and nightsisters for P3 Note this team requires specific play so watch a videos.
  • Asajj Ventress (zLead) and nightsisters for P4 (Particularly against Nihilus at start). Note this team requires specific play so watch a video.
  • Revan/Bastille and jedi: They tear things up in P2
  • CLS Chex-Mix for P3 after Finn/C3P0 teams. This team also works well with Chewy.

Calculating Damage


How much damage to Do?

Remember that you can always retreat (top left settings) if you think you are having a bad run. You can always switch your phone/tablet to airplane mode and force/close the game if you accidentally die. 

You can also do these things if your damage output doesn’t match what you saw in the guide above. To calculate damage you you’ve done pay attention to what percentage health your enemy started with and convert it with the calculator adjacent calculator. You can view it 


    Phase 1 with Jedi Training Rey



    A single JTR team properly geared/modded can do up to 15% played well.  This video by Skelturix shows how but there are many others.   JTR is the important part though, the team is also effective with different Resistance characters (Resistance Trooper, Scavenger Rey) or Visas Marr.

    McMole's Phase 1 mechanics guide

    This video covers the mechanics of how Sith Phase 1 works. It unpacks how teams can be effectively played here. Generally, make sure you use the ‘Unbreakable Will’ shield-thing before he assassinates. AND know every time you hit him he gains TM so try to hit him mostly with big damage single hits. 

    If our JTR fail, look to the Bossk. BUT remember, if 7-9% is left in P1, a Revan team can finish and enter P2.

    Theoretically Bossk can help finish off phase 1

    If you don't have those and it's crunch time

    STR: Phase 1 Teams & Strategy

    If you don’t have JTR or zBossk or zzGM Yoda, then you can try to finish with some of these teams provided by Gaming-Fans.

    Imperial Troopers & Thrawn – This team – Veers lead, Death Trooper, Colonel Starck, Grand Admiral Thrawn and Shoretrooper – works when looking for scores above 1 million in Tier 5 and around that range in Tier 6, but it is just a much better combo of characters for other phases of the Sith Raid. One recent test by ChrisB, leader of EotE, saw him hit 2 million damage in the Tier 5 STR with Veers lead, Death Trooper, Colonel Starck, Grand Admiral Thrawn and Luminary Unduli.

    Droids & Jawa Engineer – For those who do not have Rey (Jedi Training) but do have BB-8 and are looking for a team to put the soccer ball on, consider Mothman’s latest Tier 5 STR test. HK-47 lead with IG-86, R2-D2, BB-8 and Jawa Engineer which seems like it has the potential to graduate into the “effective” category based on the lower gear in the screenshot to the right.

    Nightsisters – Zeta Asajj Ventress lead – I have hit 1 million in damage in the Tier 6 STR with a Zeta Talzin lead in the past (zMother Talzin, Asajj Ventress, Nightsister Acolyte, Old Daka & Zeta Kylo Ren), but this is another team that does not translate well to the Heroic version of the raid. What was “effective” at the Heroic level was a Zeta Asajj Ventress lead with Mother Talzin, Nightsister Acolyte, Old Daka and Nightsister Zombie. With this team I was able to get nearly 1% of Phase 1 Heroic (0.95%, 428k), and a similar squad with Zeta Asajj Ventress lead, Mother Talzin, Nightsister Acolyte, Old Daka and Talia recently scored 1.6 million at Tier 5.

    Jedi – Qui-Gon Jinn lead – I used a QGJ lead for the speed boost with Jedi Knight Anakin, Ahsoka Tano, Ezra Bridger and Hermit Yoda and this team worked moderately well on a Tier 5 STR scoring 773k (0.72%), but I have not had a chance to test it on Tier 6 or 7 to date. I can see where Barriss Offee can replace Hermit Yoda and Aayla Secura could also replace one of the others.

    Wiggs Rebels – A Rebel team of Wedge Antilles lead with Biggs Darklighter, Han Solo, Commander Luke Skywalker and Chirrut Imwe is one I have tested in various combinations. In the Tier 5, with good but not great mod stats for Wiggs, can do 1-1.5 million damage in the Tier 5 STR.

    First Order – KRU lead – The First Order is a faction that has gotten a little bit of attention with the Sith Triumvirate Raid, and a Kylo Ren Unmasked lead with FO Tie Pilot, FO Officer, FO Executioner and Hermit Yoda scored 306k (0.66%) in the Heroic STR. While I could not duplicate this squad on my personal account, trading zKylo Ren for FOE I was able to do 780k (0.74%) in Tier 5, but FOE is a key piece to the team above.


    Phase 2 with Revan/Bastile



    Another reason to get your old republic ready for Revan. Know that only Bastile needs to be well geared for event and she is worth the time. Jingo is worth it too.

    Phase 3 with DeathStorm Nightsisters


    Mother T & specific Sisters

    They nerf-ed the Finn & C3PO combo BUT there is hope in the Deathstorm. Deathstorm relies on a Mother Talzin lead with Old Daka, Zombie, Asajj Ventress (with non-leader zeta), and either Spirit or Initiate (low gear fine). Its a very particular play SO WATCH the video.

    McMole's Phase 3 mechanics guide

    This video covers the mechanics of how Sith Phase 3 works and the good teams. It unpacks how teams can be effectively played here. 

    Night Sisters Aren't enough. Use Leftover JTR teams here and some of the below, such as Chex Mix

    Chex Mix for 5

    Bounty and the Beast

    Bounty and the Beast

    Flaming Hot Greedo

    Flaming hot Greedo requires special play like most of these teams. 

    Phase 4 Nihilus Solo


    Nightsisters and the Nihilus Solo

    Nightsisters played the right way and with the right zeta can solo Nihilus in phase 1. Just take a look at this video.

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