About the Belgian Rebellion

The Belgian Rebellion started around the time that Territory Battles and and Wars were introduced. Its core was made up of players that wanted to compete at a higher level without being micromanaged. A short time later another guild’s like-minded gamers joined us and we have grown from there. 

Cupi’s Corner 

I’ll have to ask Cupi to write something here. 


Hall of Heroes 

  1. Sid: Great gamer and motorcycle enthusiast, we hope he finds his way back here.
  2. M4RB: Still very active in our out-of-game chat, but we lost him when he gave up his mini-accounts. We hope his guild breaks up and we get him back. 
  3. ACStrikesBack: One of our founding fathers and a super star wars fan.  He’s currently taking a break.
  4. Berten:  An expert at farming. He was the first of us to dominate HAAT and did so with with far fewer game hours by gearing smartly and playing with finesse.  
  5. Wountr the First: Great gamer that we lost to accountancy. 
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