Resources Overview 

Don’t go it alone! 
There are lots of great resources out there to help you figure out:

  1. Who to farm (the best characters and squads)
  2. How best to spend resources (how to spending crystals and credits effectively)
  3. Which zetas and Omegas are best (some transform teams and others…are useless) 
  4. How to defeat specific missions (watch videos to see what kill order works best)
  5. How to mod your squads (which are best for who)
  1. Legendary characters but to know other check MobileGamer youtube channel for his monthly top YouTube channels below and also check who is ruling your arena.  Legendary charters are all good, but there are others two. Ask guild-mates what they think, check the meta report on whats working in arena and watch videos.  You can also look at the teams leading your arena of kicking your butt in Territory Wars/Grand Arena. 
  2. Shipments: Every refresh buy the cheap credit items until you have thousands. AND with relics needing that junk there is no reason to stop buying them.  Be sure to check the Weekly Shipments for good stuff on sale for Ally currency and credits.
  3. Crystals are best spent on normal and cantina energy refreshes (they can also be used for rare gear sometimes).  
  4. Zetas can transform teams and which are the best changes. Youtube is a great play to look for help in the form of videos by Ahnald, McMoleMobileGamer, CubsFanHanWarrior,  
  5. Having trouble beating a particular mission or squad, ask your guild-mates or look search for things like “defeat traya SWGOH” on youtube.  
  6. Mods are EXTREMELY important. All of the youtubers noted above have videos on this but here are some tips. You can also check to see how the best players are currently modding their toons. Mods worth investing in are 5 dot mods with speed secondaries (stats that are below and have the chance to increase). Check the mod store every refresh and consider buying Gold or purple mods with speed secondaries when sold for credits or ship credits.  Arrow-type mods should always have speed primary.  Attackers should always have Triangle-type mods should generally have Critical Damage primaries. Cross-type mods should generally be potency or tenacity or offence and occasionally health…

YouTube to the Rescue


Ahnald’s videos are excellent for helping you decide who to farm and zeta. The videos are packed with great strategy that comes from someone with his nose to the ground and sometimes advanced access.


McMole is not quite as charismatic as some of the SWGOH YouTubers, but he knows the game inside and out and is probably the fastest to connect the dots around good teams and strategy. I’ve learned a lot watching this guy.


MobileGamer has been around a long time too and posts with a high frequency. The videos are perhaps slightly less serious but you can trust the recommendations and strategy.


A skilled player and fiercely free-to-play. Generally well researched videos and one of the better SWGOH youtubers. There are many others on youtube that are worth checking out. Just try seaching for a keyword like “traya counters” and “SWGOH.”

SWGOH.GG (Big Data is Here) has a host of resources that can help you plan out which characters you want to invest your time and energy in.  This includes easily searchable information about character abilities and comparative stats. You can also track trends in terms of what teams, fleets, and mod assignments are performing the best in the arena. 

Some characters just aren’t worth investing in. And remember its better to have 10 fully geared and modded characters than 50 average ones mixed gear and mods.

If you sync your account on there are a host of other cool tools out there for you. Including the ability to look at all your mods by the “speed secondaries” attribute!! Very useful for finding good mods accidentally places on crummy toons.  


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