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The Belgian Rebellion is a Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH) guild  with members from all over the globe.   It’s founders are Belgian (e.g. Cupi) or based in Belgium (i.e. Skyfall).  

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 Our SWGOH guild is comprised of competitive gamers that wish to contribute towards a competitive guild.  Our members are active and participate in all guild activities but we do not micro-manage how players do this. Because, well, it’s a game and if you really want to gear up Lobat because you like his visor, then you should be able to.

That said, part of the rational for this website is to help our members find the resources need to make informed decisions. So in a sense, we recommend but don’t require much beyond staying active.

The adjacent guild profile is from our guilds listing on SWGOH.gg. To view a more up to date version of this guild profile, please visit this link. If you are a guild member and would like to be listed in this guild profile, please register yourself on SWGOH.gg here, and know that you will need to enter your player ID. 



Last Updated 1/1/2019 (few weeks after cleaning)

Unlocking Chewbacca

Unlocking Chewbacca

Chewy is really hard to unlock. Even with a few gear 12 Bounty Hunters (BH) it's still hard and usually requires restarts for better RNG. I'll talk first about the squad to use. Then some essential strategy tips.  And last a share a few resources that may be useful....

BIG Territory War changes coming

BIG Territory War changes coming

The developers are introducing big changes to territory wars, in the form of limiting the squads you can use in each war. So don't be surprised when you can't use some of your favorite squads. It's an odd change given the popularity on the current change. Likely to...