Chewy is really hard to unlock. Even with a few gear 12 Bounty Hunters (BH) it’s still hard and usually requires restarts for better RNG. I’ll talk first about the squad to use. Then some essential strategy tips.  And last a share a few resources that may be useful.

Lead: The best lead is Jango Fett in my view, then Aurra Sing, Bosk, then Boba Fett. I used Bosk for the event but with Jango farmable, he is likely the better best choice. Each can work IF you have Dengar in Support allowing you to target Chewy (explained in Tip 1)

Squad: Your highest gear BH and Dengar should be your squad. Dream team would be Jango, Boba, Dengar, Aurra Sing, Embo. But Greedo can be useful (see tip 3) and really any group can do it, with Dengar, smart modding and RNG. I used Bosk (G12), Boba (G12), Dengar (G9), Greedo (G9) and Cad Bane (G9)…they are all still that gear level…but I have Jango now.


(1) This first tip is very important. DENGAR (even low gear). I would just restart if Chewy starts stealthed. Seeks explains the strategy well, noting that “I touched on this just before, but in order to have a good run, you should look for a few things in your RNG. First is that you need Dengar to gain stealth from being critically hit (most likely by Chewies Pulverize) before R2 uses Smokescreen. Dengar’s unique makes it so that if he has stealth, the enemy can’t gain stealth, effectively causing R2 to waste a turn and allowing you to focus on Chewie instead.”

(2) Mods. Use the save mod loadout feature for your Arena teams mods, then move them for the event to your BH. REMEMBER, upgraded gear 6 mods can only go on gear 12 characters. ALSO, on weak under-geared characters put mods with base (not percentage) health mods, ideally also with speed and base (not percentage protection). This is so they will survive longer and maybe make it until leader payout triggered (once Bosks is triggered you are pretty safe).

(3) If using Greedo, pack on the Critical chance and use the mod strategy above for the secondaries. AND USE HIS BASIC ATTACK. The idea is that with good RNG you can trigger Bosk’s leadership payout faster and maybe even kill chewy. He is generally not the best BH in my opinion but he was useful mid-gear in my run. I needed the health from the mods to have him survive the start though.



EA Forum on 7 Star Event:

Youtube Vid by Meat City Gaming. Explains strategy WELL and does it on the cheap:


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