YouTube to the Rescue


Ahnald’s videos are excellent for helping you decide who to farm and zeta. The videos are packed with great strategy that comes from someone with his nose to the ground and sometimes advanced access.


McMole is not quite as charismatic as some of the SWGOH YouTubers, but he knows the game inside and out and is probably the fastest to connect the dots around good teams and strategy. I’ve learned a lot watching this guy.


MobileGamer has been around a long time too and posts with a high frequency. The videos are perhaps slightly less serious but you can trust the recommendations and strategy.


A skilled player and fiercely free-to-play. Generally well researched videos and one of the better SWGOH youtubers. There are many others on youtube that are worth checking out. Just try seaching for a keyword like “traya counters” and “SWGOH.”

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