What Squads Counter What Squads

What Squads Counter What Squads

Knowing what squads to use against what squads is an increasingly important part of SWGOH. With the Grand Arena now in place, you can't hide from Traya-lead teams and the like. Fortunately, you don't need to have Traya or all the zetas on the nightmare team to beat...

Grand Arena Offense

McMole has put together a great overview of offensive teams that can be used in Grand Arena. This info is very useful for planning what teams to be working towards generally. All the info is also useful in T-Wars. He also but together a Defensive Grand arena video...


  1. Stay Active.  If going away multiple days post in the “Holiday” thread to avoid an inactivity ban.
  2. Participate in Guild Events. You must help your guild-mates by participating in T-War, T-Battles, and Sith Raids. 
  3. Follow Raid and Territory Instructions. Raid wise, the only current rule is to not die or finish within the first 10 minutes of Rancor. When we can do HSith raids new rules will be needed. Territory wise, follow deployment guidelines posted for wars and for final deployment notes in territories.
  4. Grow Effective Teams. Certain teams are better than others, good Nightsisters, Bastila Lead Jedi, and and decent phoenix are all great on defense.  CLS lead rebels are generally good, and Jedi Training Rey should be a goal to help in Sith Raids.


  1. Ask for Help.  We’ve got some skilled players in this guild and among friends outside of this guild.  If unsure about something or just want a second opinion, ask in guildchat.
  2. Consider joining our facebook messenger group or Discord Channel. We have an active out-of-game chat with 15 or so active participants. We share game updates, screenshots, and useful strategy videos on it daily.  To join, just ask in guild chat.
  3. Consider syncing your account with This a great resource for keeping track of your mods etc. It also lets you show up on our guild page there. 

Consider Contributing to the Guild Website

  1. To comment on posts, you can register at this link. Please use your in-game name. 
  2. To make posts, please follow the registration step above and then contact Skyfall to request an upgrade to an author account. 
  3. To edit pages, please follow the steps above and be awesome. 

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